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The Church of Saint Dominic

One Journey Through Faith and Education

Parish Social Ministry

The Office of Parish Social Ministry at the Church of Saint Dominic provides many services to the parish and works in conjunction with numerous community organizations throughout the Town of Oyster Bay.

Services and Programs:

Some of the services provided include:

Praise Ministry
Bereavement & Counseling

For those looking for support and understanding after the loss of a loved one. Meetings are held in the Parish Social Ministry Office.

Visiting the Homebound:

Every so often, a parishioner may find that due to illness or age, they are unable to attend Mass. One of our Eucharistic Ministers will be delighted to bring Holy Communion and spend some time with our parishioners.

Baptismal Preparation Program:

Volunteers assist with the Preparation class for Baptisms and the celebration of the sacrament. The program meets on the last Thursday of each month.

The Office also participates in programs of the Inter-religious & Human Needs Council, including Back to School, Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter Drives, English as a Second Language program and the Summer Camp Scholarship program.

Volunteerism & Philanthropy:

We are always in need of volunteers and welcome you with open arms. We are also in need of funds to help us care for those in need. Funds are traditionally raised through donations from parishioners and friends, through Outreach Dinners, a collection at the Thanksgiving Mass and through the Christmas Adopt a Family program.

For more information on services, programs or volunteering, please call (516) 922-4488 ext. 1294.

For more information on making a financial donation, please contact head volunteer Joan Adomsky, (516) 922-4488 ext. 1294, [email protected]