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The Church of Saint Dominic

One Journey Through Faith and Education

Ways to Give

The mission of Saint Dominic is to create and preserve a socially united community, which focuses on the presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist at the very center of its life. In order to live this mission effectively, it is essential that the parish seek the assistance of its parishioners. Donations to the parish allow for aid to the most vulnerable through the parish Outreach program, for the upkeep of our Chapel and Church, and for the administration of our sacramental, ministerial and educational programs, all of which mediate God's love.

There are many ways of making an offering or a gift to support the Church, each with its own special tax treatment:
We encourage you to make your regular offerings by means of your weekly and special offering envelopes or Faith Direct.
You may always make a contribution by cash, check or credit/debit card. In order to receive a charitable gift receipt, Saint Dominic must be able to identify you as the donor of such gifts. Using a check always helps us identify you as the donor and this helps greatly with receipting.
To donate by credit card, CLICK HERE.
Regularly Scheduled Offerings by Faith Direct (Electronic Giving)
The Faith Direct program allows you to support Saint Dominic through automatic debits from your bank account or charges to your credit/debit card.
Faith Direct is the pioneer in eGiving for the Catholic Church. This leading program maintains the highest security standards so you know your financial information is in good hands while your consistent support will help Saint Dominic in building God’s kingdom on Earth.
In the long distant past, people supported their church through gifts of livestock and produce. These days, the use of checks and even cash is on the decline. Join the Faith Direct eGiving program today and help Saint Dominic develop this new way of giving!
Click here to Join (You will need Saint Dominic’s unique code, which is NY245)
The gift of publicly traded securities is a wise way to make a charitable donation to Saint Dominic, a 501(c)(3) charity, because it offers two-fold tax savings. It provides you with an income tax deduction (equal to the fair market value at the date of transfer) and may reduce capital gains tax. To transfer stock, please request transfer instructions by calling Lori Mascia at 516-922-4488 ext. 2225. Please inform us which securities and the number of shares that you will be transferring. The Church of Saint Dominic's tax identification number is 11-1829148.
One way to ensure Saint Dominic’s future vitality is by giving gifts through your estate. Planned giving can also magnify some significant advantages in your tax, retirement and estate planning strategies. For instance, you can obtain an immediate tax deduction for a charitable contribution, and, in most cases, avoid capital gains tax on appreciation. You may also reduce estate taxes.

With many gifts, you or a loved one can receive investment income for life. With some, you can even increase the amount you are now receiving, or you can defer income as part of your retirement plan. You also gain the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made an enduring contribution to Church of Saint Dominic. Please consult your attorney or financial advisor should you have questions concerning planned giving to Saint Dominic.

Planned gifts include:

• Bequests
Including Saint Dominic in your Will is a simple way to provide important support for the future of the parish and reduce estate taxes. You may choose to provide a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount.
• Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable gift annuities provide fixed income to the donor or to other beneficiaries for life, desirable tax benefits, and a substantial gift to the Church of Saint Dominic at the end of the contract.

 • Charitable Remainder Trusts
A Charitable Remainder Trust offers important tax benefits, allows the donor and/or other beneficiaries to receive lifetime income from the trust, and then transfers the remaining assets in the trust to the Church of Saint Dominic.
• Charitable Lead Trusts
A Charitable Lead Trust provides annual income to the parish during the donor’s lifetime or for a term of years and then transfers the remaining assets to the donor’s heirs, which can be an important estate planning strategy.
• Life Insurance
Gifts of life insurance can create permanent and secure support for the Church of Saint Dominic and generate an income tax deduction for you. If you make the parish the owner of a paid-up policy, you will receive an income tax deduction for the value of the policy. If you name the parish as a beneficiary of the policy (and retain ownership), you will receive an estate tax deduction for the death benefit paid to the parish.
With the gift of real estate, the donor may claim an income tax deduction for the value of the gift and avoid paying a capital gains tax on the appreciation of the property. Gifts of real estate can be quite complex and there are many details to consider. For any gift of real estate, a donor must have his/her own legal counsel.
Thank you for your generosity to the Church of Saint Dominic!

Church of St. Dominic
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