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The Church of Saint Dominic

One Journey Through Faith and Education


The Religious Education Program offers instruction in levels 1 through 8. Classes provide our young people with a catechesis based on sacred scripture, tradition, liturgy, teaching and the life of the Church. Each child will complete eight levels of instruction during this time. We have over 950 students representing 740 parish families. We have students attending from fifteen schools, both public and private, encompassing a geographic area of Oyster Bay/East Norwich and beyond. Each child starts class with prayer, which fosters a sense of community whereby the children come to awareness that this is not an extension of their school day but rather a special time where they come to encounter Jesus and deepen their faith. The children visit the Church during their class time, becoming familiar with the various symbols and sacramentals, which express our faith in a visible way. Each child receives the Sacrament of Reconciliation twice during the school year and attends Mass during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent.

For further information, please contact the Religious Education Office at  516-922-7788 or e-mail us at

First Communion
The children celebrate the Sacrament of First Communion after completing levels 1 and 2 of our program. We presently have over 100 children preparing to celebrate First Communion in the Spring.
The children cover five key areas of our faith during Level 1: Our Church Community, Our Loving God, God’s Son, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus’ Church of Followers
In Level 2 of their preparation for the Sacraments, the children are taught about the Sacrament of Reconciliation including, Examination of  Conscience,The Ten Commandments, and The Beatitudes
Sacrament of First Communion: The Gift of Gathering as the Community; The Gift of God’s Word to Us; The Gift of Christ’s Body and Blood; The Gift of Everlasting Life
We have 140 “Confirmandi” in our Confirmation program, a two-year program of preparation, which includes catechesis, formation in the life of the community and discipleship and service. The Confirmandi learn about being “Confirmed in the Spirit” through Discipleship, Faith, Love, Holiness, Church, Grace and Witness.
The two year process also includes: Living Our Faith; Celebrating Our Faith, Devotions of Our Faith, Prayers of the Church